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With Courage & Grace® (WC&G) is home to Fit For The Role® self affirming workshops for women and Relationship Resiliency™ enrichment workshops and retreats for couples. We prepare women to be fit for whatever role they desire in life, by teaching them to lead their personal and professional lives courageously and gracefully. Too often women feel that they have to be aggressive to get their point across when more productivity can be achieved with the approach of leading with both courage and grace. This international platform focuses on providing the resources for all women to achieve the greatest vision for their life! It's a consulting and coaching business, a book, a movement, and a courageous and graceful lifestyle! Although everyone can relate to the brand, With Courage & Grace® was inspired by and created for every woman! Our goal is to inspire, train, and empower women and couples to lead their best lives while being Courageous, Authentic, and Regal. After all, we are royal! WC&G is also home to Happily Joint® a company that specializes in marriage and relationships, visit our site at


With Courage & Grace® INC is a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization that empowers women and girls to embrace leadership roles; enriches military marriages; and mentors children ages 8-17 of military families and underprivileged youths. We do so through education, support and empowerment. We believe that if women, couples, and youths are educated and equipped with basic life skills as individuals and teams, they will be more confident in their capabilities to take on life's challenges in their personal lives, and in their relationships and family units. This capability will in turn, increase their livelihood and contributions to our society. Our military members and Veterans make tremendous sacrifices and we want to ensure that they are afforded these opportunities to improve their wellbeing.

Our incredibly talented Founder is Maxine Chang Reyes.

She is an Army and Air Force Veteran, a 360 Influencer, Entrepreneur, International Motivational Speaker/Presenter, Professional Trainer, Singer and Mentor

As the CEO of Fit For The Role® and Happily Joint®, Maxine has lead, trained and hosted revitalizing empowerment and enriching events. She has an innate passion for leading and mentoring, connecting with people on and off stage. She has written and published inspiring articles, a workbook on resilient relationships, and original songs. She has leveraged her skills as a leader, brand ambassador, presenter, singer, speaker and humanitarian to plan, host and perform at popular motivational and entertainment events. These events include high profile military and non profit extravaganzas, corporate gatherings, and multiple professional sporting events. Her musical talents have allowed her the honor to sing for presidents and royalty throughout the world ranging from the president of the United States of America and the royal family of Qatar.  As an award-winning leader and humanitarian, Maxine is a combat veteran who honorably served 21 years as a preserver of peace in the United States Army and Air Force. Her charismatic, fun and energetic approach to leadership and the fostering of relationships has allowed her to embrace the needs of her nation as well as embed herself into her local community to genuinely lead and serve selflessly. This approach to leadership has earned her The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce "Military Person of the Year" Award, two Humanitarian Service Awards, and a proclamation by the City of Orlando stating that July 14, 2016, is forever known as “Captain Maxine Reyes Day.” Join WC&G as we walk in our purpose as “courageous and graceful leading women”, "resilient families" and "empowered youths" making significant impact as positive influencers in our community. She has a heart to serve and continues to do so through many organizations and her own With Courage & Grace® INC Do all things with courage and grace!

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Her Courage Gave Me Courage

Strength, Courage, and Fearlessness: Every woman has the capability to be incredible in anything she sets her mind to! As women, we have a long history of the Midas touch even when our means are meager. We earned this reputation by being courageous in our actions, while maintaining our grace. This legacy didn't come easy. It took a concerted effort from women all across the world to clearly articulate our points of concern from a position of strength.

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Encourage Me or Unfriend Me

Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment: The company you keep can influence your destination. You should strive to journey with a squad of brave people who have integrity and dignity. Chose your acquaintances wisely. Create your own platoon of people who reflect what you stand for. Do not be misled as bad company corrupts good character. J.K. Rowling wrote “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.”

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Happily Joint!

Happily Joint® specializes in couples working to build and re-establish happiness in their marriages through workshops and retreats using Relationship Resiliency™. Whether you are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, or a military couple, Happily Joint® understands your challenges and provides the tools you can use for successful partnerships. Check out the testimonials from our latest event below!

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