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Women are fit for whatever role they desire in life.

With Courage & Grace® (WC&G) nurtures and guides amazing women, just like you, to achieve the greatest version of themselves in order to make an impact on the lives of others. We teach you how to embody our mantra “courage and grace” to lead a joyful personal and professional life with more authenticity, more peace, and more love.

This international platform focuses on providing resources for all women. It's a consulting and coaching business, a book, a movement, and a courageous and graceful lifestyle! Although everyone can relate to the brand and it was created for EVERY woman, With Courage & Grace® was inspired by the Military Woman who also serves as a Military Wife!

Our goal is to inspire, train, and equip women to lead their best lives while being Courageous, Authentic, and Regal.

After all, you are royal!

Who Are WC&G?


The vision of With Courage & Grace®️ is to impact 1 million people in 5 years to pursue purpose by providing training and creating unique event opportunities to ignite confidence and passion, equip and revolutionize.


The Mission of With Courage & Grace®️is to revolutionize 1 million people to intentionally pursue purpose and inspire others to do the same..

Who Are We?

With Courage & Grace® is an exclusive network of professionals that trains speakers, writers and entertainers from within the military community and showcases the talents that this unique community offers. Our coaches are experts in their field.

The world loves brave women! Our community has so many courageous women with incredible and unique stories that have not been heard. We believe that if our women are afforded the right opportunities, we can touch so many lives with our drops of positivity. We are natural nurturers and the world needs more love! When we exude confidence and speak, people listen! That’s why we exist to help you to be heard!

Our military members, Veterans and military spouses make tremendous sacrifices and we want to ensure that they are afforded these opportunities to help cope with trauma, and overcome any challenges they have faced in their lives, overall positively impacting their well-being.

Our non-profit Courage and Grace Foundation, is a 501 (c)3 that impacts girls, celebrates and shares stories of women in leadership and The Arts and strengthens America’s military families.

Our incredibly talented Founder is Maxine Reyes.

She is an Army and Air Force Veteran, a 360 Influencer, Entrepreneur, International Motivational Speaker/Presenter, Professional Trainer, Singer and Mentor. Click here to learn more!

Do all things with courage and grace!

WCG_Blog Post 1

Her Courage Gave Me Courage

Strength, Courage, and Fearlessness:

Every woman has the capability to be incredible in anything she sets her mind to! As women, we have a long history of the Midas touch even when our means are meager.

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WCG_Blog Post 2

Encourage Me or Unfriend Me

Trust, Loyalty, and Commitment:

The company you keep can influence your destination. You should strive to journey with a squad of brave people who have integrity and dignity. Chose your acquaintances wisely.

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